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The power supply system of intelligent substation includes: DAIP-3.0 AC and DC integrated power supply system, GZZ intelligent station AC power supply system, GZDW intelligent high frequency DC power supply system.



With the development of science and technology, the scale of data center construction is increasing day by day, which increases the storage space requirements and security requirements of data centers. At the same time, in order to make the data center run stably, ensuring the continuity and reliability of power supply is necessary.



Lithium-ion batteries undoubtedly provide a better choice for the storage system of data center relying on its longer cycle life and higher energy ratio. As a trend, lithium-ion battery technology used in the data center to store energy, greatly reduce maintenance costs by reducing the number of battery replacement. The volume advantage brought by its higher specific energy reduces the requirement for space use, and some other advantages like this have made the use of lithium ion batteries a trend.

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