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The power supply system of intelligent substation includes: DAIP-3.0 AC and DC integrated power supply system, GZZ intelligent station AC power supply system, GZDW intelligent high frequency DC power supply system.

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Today, a detailed introduction to the world's ten largest air purifier brand, let us know what the ten international air purifier brands are. The ten international air purifier brand ranked first in 1866: Aoyou jetronl origin: the United States is whether the classic series or fashion series, Aujeego air purifier is always showing Aoyou Jie extraordinary it like a of great ingenuity, the president in the White House, every move affects the atmosphere between the lungs, a suction. Health and destiny of mankind. Advantages: beautiful appearance of the atmosphere, high quality, market share, because the product price is reasonable, and the purification effect is very significant, Jay Aoyou like a virus in the United States, once won the reputation of consumers spread almost crazy. After entering the country, it is also dependent on its strong quality, and the quality is quickly recognized and spread rapidly. Inferiority: a short time to enter the country, many consumers do not know that there is such a big guy. The ten largest international air purifier brand ranked second in the world: PHILPS origin: Holland was founded: in 2008, PHILPS began to set foot in the air purifier. PHILPS, with its brand sticky power and a lot of advertising investment, began to grow continuously. But because of the increased advertising investment, and are looking for someone OEM OEM, do not have their own core technology research and development, so often imbalance and the world-class star had to love and pain. Advantages: the products have many after-sales service points, many models, and many buyers choose. Inferior: the price of product fluctuates greatly, the effect of removing formaldehyde and odor is poor, and the return is more. The ten international air purifier brand ranked third: SHARP origin: Japan's creation: 1981 began selling air purifier compared to the same period last year, SHARP's total sales growth rate is far lower than the average market value of the new mosquito air purifier market being cold. However, as the SHARP air purifier is wide variety, the total sales volume is still considerable. Advantage: low price, variety of style. Inferior: the purification speed is slow, the purification effect is common.
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